About (english)

I live in hamburg, germany and I love crafting (papercrafts, knitting, crocheting, sewing), movies and to cozy up on my extralarge armchair with a good book and a hot cup of tea or a good glass of wine. I like paper, candles, cats & dogs, chocolates, tea, vintage stuff and everything handmade. I´m attracted to small things. My favourite season is autumn. I simply love the smell and look of it (leaves, chestnuts, pumpkins, the smell of earth and wet leaves). My most favourite colours are lemon green, yellow, orange, burgundy red and earth tones. I also love the ocean and the beach, swimming and scuba diving.

6 thoughts on “About (english)

  1. hi clau ,
    what a wonderfull cards and atc do you make.
    i have a question for you :
    would you like to trade some atc with us ?
    below some more information
    On the first and second of September, my friends and I, together with our Hobbyclub Retro, organise an exposition in the theme of ‘Travel around the world’.

    But to make it a real ‘Travel around the world’, we ask your help. In our exposition we want to create a huge wall of ATC-cards. This is why we ask you: Who wants to trade ATC-cards with us?

    The technique is completely free and if it’s possible, it would be nice if you would take your own country/region as your theme. It is not obliged to do this. We are happy with a little trade 🙂 The amount of ATC-cards can be chosen by yourself, and you will get the same amount in return.

    If you want to help us, you can contact us on the following e-mailadresses: ilsedecoster@telenet.be or lindadegucht@telenet.be

    Hopefully we recieve some positive reactions and a wall of ATC-cards, wich we thank you for in advance.

    With pleasant greetings, ilse

  2. hi clau
    could you please answer this question….did the theme this week (dog days) have to have a dog image in it?
    I presumed it was to interpret the meaning dog days, not actually have a dog on the card! Just wondered as I seem to be the only person not to have used a dog, and a few folk have said they were expecting one haha!

  3. Hi Clau,

    Could you please contact me on the above email address. My computer was damaged in the move and I have not been able to retireve your address for me to send the dragonfly pendant to you.


  4. Hi Clau, thank you for coming by my blog. I am so glad you received one of my ATCs in Marions swap. It was a fun swap. I look forward to them each year, hugs G,

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